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Or not in my case...

Friday, 23 April 2010

Comeback Announced

Saturday 27th February 2010. The date where I finished with my youth and became a Senior Man. And what a way to do it. 199th/207 at the nationals was a superb end to what has already been described as a 'glittering and astonishing career'. It's also the date I last did any form of meaningful exercise.

On Monday 26th April 2010, two months on after injury struck me down, my world of running starts again. After talking with my coach, who's also me, we (I) decided that the time to dust off the cobwebs from my limbs was now.

I have been labeled my many as a 'no-hoper' and was recently described, after an outstanding three-figure placing in a Birmingham League, as a 'joke'. The fact remains that I am the only person to have a national (team...) gold medal and not moved from the sofa.

The track. A thing of beauty: red (or blue), round(ish) and so many lanes. Every runners fetish involves one. That is what this blog will feature, exciting stories from the world of athletics.

It will take you on my Olympic journey.

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