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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Snowball Wants Your Vote!

Tuesday 11th May won't be remembered as the day Britain pulled our troops out of Iraq. Instead, it will be known as the day Ben Snowball's campaign for Men's Cross Country Captain sprung to life. And what a day it was.

On that very same morning, 12.30am, the facebook group was created. Popularity was always going to be a factor but, with six new members in the first four hours, the issue didn't arise.

Snowball's proposer, Chris Perry, was eager to spread the word. 'He's a superb individual, full of ideas, and has a lot of love to spread round the club. When I grow up I want to be just like him.' However, whispers circulating the Snowball camp have suggested that Perry may never reach 'human height', and may always be condemned to a life on stilts.

With talk that the recent Conservative-LibDem coalition may cut funding to the club, Snowball was quick to quash these rumours. 'I've spoken with Mr Cameron and I can assure you that the club is safe. He came across very well and, until he offered me a puff of his joint (to which I politely declined), I thought we could become facebook friends. I was even tempted to poke him.'

Snowball's Story urges you to do the right thing and vote Snowball on 19th May. It might just be the best thing you do. We will win BUCS Cross Country. And we'll have the most emotional pre-race huddle, so highly-strung that some of you will drop out before the race has began due to tears clouding your vision.

Vote Snowball. Anything you want, let him know.

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