Turning Potential Into Ability

Or not in my case...

Friday, 7 January 2011

An In-Depth Look at the World's Finest Talent

We were fortunate enough to catch up with the man himself. He gave us his training program for the coming week. We were startled at just how hard he applies himself.

Monday: am - Casual 'dressing gown' dance to any 90s trance
pm - Walk to Sainsbury's. Get bus home

Tuesday: am - Sleep
pm - 3x Opening and Closing of Fridge

Wednesday: am - Pop downstairs
pm - Return upstairs

Thursday: am - Watch a 'racy' video to get heart rate to anaerobic threshold. Try and maintain for five minutes
pm - Ice bath to remove lactic from earlier session

Friday: Day Off

Saturday: RACE? (I am of White British origin)

Sunday: am - 10x Pillow Raises
pm - Pop in the 'legal' pills

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