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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Snowball In Trouble (Again...)

What were you doing at 3am this morning? Sleeping? Dreaming of women you could never get? Maybe embarking on a cheeky toilet trip? All perfectly normal activities. Ben Snowball, however, chose this moment to stumble in from a night out in Nottingham that grabbed the headlines for the wrong reasons.

It was a disappointing end to a week that had started so brightly. Even with Liam Tancock's disapproving glances towards the technique on show in the slow lane, Snowball swam literally metres in both Tuesday's and Thursday's swim sessions. The only low point of these landmark events was his right foot 'accidentally' making contact with a pretty girls face. Somewhat surprisingly she was unaroused by this attack.

Then there was the cycle ride. Not phased by mud or wind Ben, and a companion, set off to conquer the elements. Unfortunately the elements conquered him. Covered in dirt, Snowball resigned himself to the shower, and that was meant to be that for the day. A solid weeks training. Keep it calm. Keep it casual.

His friends had other ideas. Tempting him to Nottingham through subliminal messaging - when watching the cricket his mates would cry 'Night Out' instead of 'Not Out' - and blasting Five's Greatest Hits throughout the housing complex, it would turn out to be a night to forget.

A court ruling in his favour means we can't disclose the details of the night, but a statement from Snowball read, 'My head hurts. I woke up wearing just a belt and some purple socks, that's not cool. I honestly felt that the workout I would get from busting moves would compensate for the alcohol consumed. I was wrong.'

With Sweatshop already rumoured to be contemplating terminating his 10% discount, it may well be the end of the road for the lad. His only hope now is letting his legs do the talking.

But he's injured...

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