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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Crowd brought to tears...

The crowd wept and cheered as he sprinted at 3mph down the home stretch of the Cross Country Championships in Cardiff. It was a sporting comeback on parallel with Schumacher, Armstrong and Thorpe; one that proved that talent never dies.

Ben Snowball finished 163rd in the Mens B (best) race, a remarkable performance from a man described by many as an "unfashionable bloke". Indeed his red hoody, which was worn on all three days of the BUCS trip, did little to dispel this rumour. Critics have since said that his green Jamaica jumper might have been a better option to mix things up a bit.

Shooting off at the back of the field, he impressively negotiated the rugby players making up the numbers and started to overtake the chubby kids in worn down trainers. Many spectators stayed to support him for the first 200m before accepting that watching fat kids and Ben battle it out for 250th wasn't the best way to spend the afternoon.

Feeling very perked up by chants of "Go on Loughborough" he made a breakthrough into the top 200. Luckily for him he completely forgot he was wearing a Sheffield vest, and thought he was popular.

Three laps of jogging later and the sprint finish began. The noise was unbearable (there was a Welsh man on the tannoy describing the day's lost property... the crowds had largely dispersed by this point) and every stride bought the prospect of a medal closer.

Ultimately it turned out that medal ceremonies are stingy affairs, with only the top three athletes receiving awards. Snowball's suggestion of having a podium for the top 163 runners was rejected.

A lot of positives emerged from the weekend. 1) He finished with only a mediocre foot injury, 2) he borrowed four safety pins and failed to return them, and 3) pizza express made him a gluten-free pizza for £3...

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