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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Race to BUCS

After Steven Spielberg bought the film rights to Ben Snowball's life on Wednesday, it was thought the young athlete's life couldn't get better. How wrong we were...

Feeling mildly energetic at 6pm, Snowball - having recently acquired Spotify unlimited - set out on a monster run. A run that would prove his fitness for the greatest show on earth... The BUCS Cross Country Championships.

Three-hundred metres into his journey, all of which had been downhill, cars stopped - beeping their horns in appreciation - as Snowball flew in front of them.

Still he went on, overtaking parked cars and litter bins, only being matched for pace by two young girls accompanied by their granddad who shot past at presumably world record pace.

He reached the 2km mark, a new 2012-best, and courageously stopped to let a woman with her pram squeeze through a small gap on the pavement. She smiled; they shared a moment. Then he ploughed on.

Understandably the intensity of 12-minute miles was taking it's toll and his knee's were in desperate need of an oil. Morale was low as his iPod had died leaving Ellie Goulding's Lights unfinished in the second chorus.

It was then that two youths arrived on the scene. With banter ranging from "yeah, go on fatty" (a remark that I still don't quite understand) to "keep running, d**khead", it was all very amusing. It's nice to see the home fans out in force on a cold Thursday night - you just don't get that level of support outside council estates.

Soon the run ended, 3.88km (via Google Earth) or 17km (via estimation) the distance. Just nine days until BUCS in Cardiff, and with nearly 4km clocked in 2012 who would want to bet against Snowball returning victorious..?

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