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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Snowball's Fitness Dilemma

Ben Snowball is facing a race against the clock to get himself in shape for the forthcoming BUCS Cross Country Championships... as a supporter.

"His energetic style and methods of encouragement require a physique he just doesn't have at the moment," said a spokesman for the amateur footballer.

Upping his training to include three brisk fifteen minute walks to lectures, Snowball has also developed a passion for fighting the sofa.

His university switch from Loughborough to Sheffield has called many to question his allegiance. One insider said Snowball didn't know whether African violet or black and gold was his chosen fashion statement.

"I will be doing my upmost to support both teams," said Snowball at the launch of his new work out DVD - citing the recent Tottenham Hotspur vs Peterborough United FA Cup match as an example of him splitting loyalties.

"I can easily support them both. I managed 16 press ups last night and will complete my set of ten sit ups when I get home [he did five this morning].

Meanwhile, Sebastian Coe supported Snowball's bid to walk the 10km at the BUCS Track & Field Championships at the Olympic Stadium in May.

He said: "If you can't run it then plodding around is the next best thing. I just hope he isn't bullied.

"To be honest I doubt if he could even finish it."

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