Turning Potential Into Ability

Or not in my case...

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A Year To Remember (Or Forget)

It was 6.05pm. That meant one thing. Training time. The boy opened the door, went out the door, then shut the door behind him (in that order.) On his way thoughts of how good this year could be flooded through his mind, the potential for great things to be achieved...

It was 7.05 pm. Ben was at the back of the group run. His colleagues called for him to press on, alarmed by the lack of pace, but his pace did not increase.

It was 8.05pm. The knees were creaking, despair loomed large, and a dinner of plain pasta did little to raise spirits. Weekly mileage barely approaching double figures, and already pain in the legs. Diagnosis: Not good at all.

It has been nearly 30 months since success in the field of running. Once this total reaches 32 months, it is officially over. No longer can he say, 'I used to be good' because it is so in the past. The time has come to make history. Starting with a five minute morning run tomorrow...

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